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Magnified Extracts Tangie Isolate



Magnified Extracts has engineered an extract called the Tangie Isolate that is essentially the most isolated form of THCA testing at SC Labs at a staggering 98.2 percent potency. Since this is what people would call an isolate, it can be consumed in a variety of different ways effectively as it is simply THC and nothing else. When consumed with food or in a drink, it reacts with the body just like an edible would, with more delayed and noticeable reactions as it metabolizes in the body slower. When vaporized or smoked, consumers will feel elevated instantly as the impressive effects of this Tangie Isolate begin to take hold. The flavors of this highly concentrated extract are all citrus, with the delightful tastes of orange, lemon and grapefruit highly prominent throughout. Patients in Santa Cruz will be happy to find the Tangie Isolate at the local favorite, C.H.A.I.

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