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[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]C[/dropcap]omedy and cannabis are two things that should be used responsibly. While they can both be wonderful, too much of a good thing can lead to bad jokes or burnout. Luckily, Dino Archie has just the right recipe for success. Shortly after appearing on Season 3 of Adam DeVine’s House Party on Comedy Central, he debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He looks to life find inspiration for his routines, and he also looks to cannabis—but he doesn’t lean on it as a crutch to fuel all his material or creativity. CULTURE spoke with Archie about maintaining that perfect balance, his jokes and the power of cannabis.


How did you first get into comedy?

A buddy signed me up for an open mic in LA, because he thought I was funny. I was always a fan of comedy, and then I fell into it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do something with. I wanted to write funny movies and comedy since I was in film school. Then I got a job as an assistant director, and we did a movie in New York. I would read lines with actors and improv, and I was good at that. Then I got a role in “that” movie, and the movie never really saw the light of day. But then, during the little screening we did, everyone laughed at my part. Then people were like, “You should do comedy; there’s something there.” So, I did; I kind of got the bug, and I never stopped doing it.


What are some of the major themes you usually tackle in your comedy?

I’ve done three comedy albums, and they’ve all had different themes. The first one was about love, and the second one was about not taking any shit from those who try and dictate how you feel. Now, I’m back to the theme of love. My new album is called I’ve Changed, and it’s about how as I get older, I realize I can’t be married to an outdated way of doing things. I have to learn how to be funnier, how to connect with people better. I want to be open to that.

“When I’m in conversation with another creative person, that’s when my best writing comes out.”


What gives you the inspiration for your material?

It’s everywhere. I can go on someone’s Twitter account, or I can go to my local coffee shop, and if I mess up my routine, go somewhere I don’t normally go, life will throw some funny shit at me that I wouldn’t normally notice. I try to be introspective, but also look for inspiration anywhere.

Photo credit: Beau Partlow

How does cannabis play a role in your life and your comedy?

I’m a lazy smoker. I grew up in California; weed was always around me, but I didn’t smoke or drink it until I went to Canada, to Vancouver. I really liked it, because in our culture, people drink a lot, and that can be very destructive, but weed opens you up to a different kind of vibe. It lets you slow down, stop and smell the roses. I live in LA, so it helps me not get mad at things like traffic, crowds. If I find myself wanting to lay on the horn and scream, I just go, “Hey, we’re all just trying to get somewhere.” Why not light up?


Does cannabis ever make its way into your comedy?

It’s not necessarily a part of my identity like some comics, but I think it just fits my vibe. Even before I smoked, everyone always thought I was high, because my eyes are kind of low; I’m not in a rush. It’s great when I want to have access to some different things and try some different material. It’s fun to smoke, but I don’t want to abuse it. I don’t have to get super high to get creative. I don’t want to be one of those people who does it too much, and then you can’t even smoke a joint around them. I try to limit myself, but I definitely enjoy it.


What is your writing process like?

When I’m in conversation with another creative person, that’s when my best writing comes out. If I’m not around someone, I do talk out loud and work things out in my head. I just recently started writing things down more, because I’ll forget that shit. That combination is usually best.

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