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Laura Ingraham Criticizes SAFE Banking Act



Political commentator and Fox News host Laura Ingraham announced her disapproval of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, a federal bill that would allow cannabis businesses to have access to banking services. Calling it a “bad idea,” Ingraham said that it would lead the country down the slippery slope to full legalization.

According to Ingraham, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to allow a Senate vote on the SAFE Banking Act that recently was approved by the House of Representatives. Judging by McConnell’s strong support of allowing industrial hemp, chances are likely that he would support such a bill. 

Approving the SAFE Banking Act is a “horrific idea that [President Trump] should reject,” she said. “Commercialization not popular with Republican base, terrible for our youth. Opening up banking to the pot industry will effectively legalize pot nationally.” Unfortunately, there is little support for the bill and cannabis reform in general from other commentators on Fox News.


Marijuana Moment reports that Ingraham’s comments mirror a statement last week from fellow Fox News co-host Tucker Carlson. “Last Wednesday, that was the same day the House was convulsed with the impeachment debate, 291 Democrats and 91 Republicans came together in a rare moment of bipartisan agreement to pass the so-called SAFE Banking Act,” Carlson said. “Safe for whom? Weed dealers?” Cannabis is becoming a more bipartisan issue with growing support from both sides of the aisle including a long list of Democrats and Republicans such as McConnell or Rep. Matt Gaetz. In the meantime, positive coverage of cannabis reform on cable news networks like Fox News is growing as well, despite the occasional negative story such as the aforementioned segment done by Ingraham.



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