KushyPunch Supports Veterans with Awareness Campaign

In light of Veterans and Military Families Month, taking place throughout November, KushyPunch will be donating a portion of profits to various veteran-oriented charities. In addition, you can find specially-labeled KushyPunch products this November.

The charities include Team Rubicon, Semper Fi Fund and Force Blue. Notably, KushyPunch will also be printing the Veterans Crisis Line phone number to its packaging labels. The importance of mental health in veterans cannot be overstated—the crisis line has received almost 3.5 million calls from veterans since its inception.

KushyPunch’s Compliance Manager Andrew Dorsett is a 12-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. “This initiative is really about veteran empowerment,” Dorsett said in a press release. “We’re not trying to pander to anyone, or deliver a quick fix by way of a handout. This is about investing in organizations that give our servicemen and women an opportunity to develop new skills and to harness their existing skills in ways that further benefit their communities and the wider world.”

While some 2.7 million veterans served in Iraq and Afghanistan, one out of five suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And that’s where cannabis comes in—a growing number of studies suggest that cannabis can be effective in reducing PTSD symptoms.

And even though 27 states include PTSD as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis, because cannabis is a Schedule I substance, the Department of Veterans Affairs does not offer benefits. This forces too many veterans to resort to deadly opioids and pharmaceutical antidepressants that can make life seem less colorful. “It strikes me as being particularly unfair that a lot of veterans coming home from active combat are prescribed these lethal pharmaceuticals, and yet are forbidden from accessing a safe, non-addictive plant that is available medically in 31 states, and recreationally in nine,” said Dorsett.

KushyPunch Founder and CEO Ruben Cross said that one of the freedoms our veterans fought for should include the freedom to consume cannabis. To support this cause, look for the special edition of KushyPunch products that are labeled with the Veterans Crisis Line.


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