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Jay-Z’s Cannabis Company MONOGRAM Drops (Too) High Tales Video Series



Anyone with a storied, cannabis history usually has a go-to story or two about being high and getting into a wacky situation. Jay-Z’s cannabis company MONOGRAM is running with that truth with the brand’s High Tales video series, which features a handful of personalities using MONOGRAM products and relaying their most memorable cannabis stories. Ironically, it’s easy to get a little too toasty in some of those recollections, too, so MONOGRAM recently introduced (Too) High Tales for that very occasion.

MONOGRAM is releasing outtakes of High Tales through the new series, starting out with 2 Chainz. According to the company, the new blooper series, “… is just one of those sessions where a MONOGRAM guest has such a good time with the product that no tale emerges with a beginning, middle or end. These are the resulting outtakes.” 

In the first episode, 2 Chainz enjoys the herbal selection while he strolls down memory lane, shouting out to both his mother and cotton candy grapes during the journey.

“I get high, and I be wanting the cotton candy grapes … Look them up, they got a sweet cotton candy thing; I eat those,” 2 Chainz says as he pulls out his phone to call a friend. “Where you get them grapes, them cotton candy grapes? They think I’m capping.”

MONOGRAM also made history following the legalization of recreational cannabis in New York, displaying one of the first cannabis advertisements in the state in Times Square. The digital billboard drew attention to the hypocrisy surrounding cannabis legalization, reading, “If you use a flame-thrower to light a joint, you’ll be arrested in 17 states. But not for the flame-thrower.”

The (Too) High Tales episode is available (along with the first three High Tales episodes featuring Jadakiss, N.O.R.E. and Tinashe) on the MONOGRAM website, the brand’s YouTube page and the streaming service Tidal. Keep up with MONOGRAM for future episodes and campaigns.

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