Jack the Ripper

Available at Green Valley Collective in North Hollywood.

Jack the Ripper is a challenging strain to grow, but the Green Valley Collective in North Hollywood has obtained a bountiful harvest that attests to the care and professionalism of its cultivation. Dark-green nugs with tangled red hairs nestled in a dense resin composed of a 50/50 mix of clear and white trichomes indicates harvesting at the peak of maturity. With a sweetness when burned, the hit is so pure and mellow-tasting that you will want to take another hit before passing it on. The euphoric effects build and build, reaching a crescendo of mind-bending flights of fancy and imagination. Jack the Ripper was a killer with the name implying this is killer cannabis, but it is far more appropriate to call this the ultimate medicine, as just a few puffs will alleviate any ailment you might be facing. So, take a rip; it’ll be worth it.

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