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Jack Herer




Available at Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose.

Potentially one of the most well-known cannabis strains in the world, Jack Herer has won so many different awards throughout the years that we couldn’t possibly list them all. A full sativa breed of plant, Jack Herer serves various ailments such as lethargy and depression with its uplifting effects. Showcasing a THC content of 24.8 percent and a CBD content of 1.3 percent, this variety from Airfield Supply Co. lives up to the standard of excellence that is synonymous with the Jack Herer strain. It smells like a rainy walk in the woods, neither earthy nor sweet, just an all-around pleasant aroma. A medium-bodied and deep flavored smoke is produced from these adhesive nuggets. Nobody could go wrong with bringing a jar of Jack Herer home; it is a widely loved and appreciated flower.

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