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Incorporating Cannabis into Holiday Traditions



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]D[/dropcap]ecorating a dead tree in your living room, waking up at 4 a.m. for Black Friday shopping deals and leaving cookies and milk out for an old fat guy who’s going to break into your home while you’re sleeping—it’s safe to say that the world has many strange customs that are part of our holiday celebrations. This holiday season, choose to make your traditions all the more green and enjoyable by adding cannabis. Not only is cannabis a good alternative to alcohol, but cannabis can elevate other aspects of your holiday celebrations, from gift-giving to decorating.


Cannabis Mocktails & Treats

Eat, drink and be merry?alcohol has long been associated with holiday parties. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of embracing alcohol, pouring peppermint liquor in your hot chocolate and rum into your eggnog, find fun ways to use cannabis-infused ingredients instead. From THC-rich cannabis simple syrup to CBD hemp oil, your choices are endless when it comes to creating delicious cannabis mocktails that mark the holiday season.

And where there are mocktails, there are sure to also be tasty sweet treats as well. Check out CULTURE’s monthly À La Carte section to snag some recipes for delicious holiday desserts that are meant for sharing, or check for uniquely infused holiday recipes.

DIY Cannabis Decor Gifts

The holidays are known as a time to get crafty and creative. When it comes to holiday decor and DIY gift-giving with friends, cannabis can add a playful element to many creative holiday traditions. Take your decor to the next level, and add a cannabis leaf or nug to your the mistletoe hanging above your doorway (this makes a great DIY gift as well). Another cool DIY gift that doubles as a decoration would be to place a joint into a clear glass ornament. Then, you can use paint pens and glitter to decorate the ornament with seasonal colors and phrases. There are endless ways to incorporate cannabis into the thousands of do-it-yourself gift ideas you find on Pinterest.


Cannabis Gift Wrap

It’s not just the inside of the gift that counts! Add some cannabis flair to your holiday cards and gift wrap. Stamps, ribbon and glitter on cardstock will go a long way when it comes to making your own holiday greeting cards. From there, combine a cannabis leaf stencil with some craft paper and plain gift bags, and you have one-of-a-kind gift wrap. If you’re burned out from exhausting all your creative gusto making DIY Cannabis Decor Gifts, you can purchase pre-made holiday cannabis cards. One brand, KushKards, allows you to add your own pre-roll to the card to really set it over the top. Or you can get your cards and cannabis wrap from various shops on Etsy, such as SoChroma and Stash Box 420.

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