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Honor the Planet on Earth Day



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]C[/dropcap]annabis advocates and consumers know more than anyone that the natural route is almost always the better one. Whether a person is seeking to treat everyday conditions such as stress or anxiety, or looking for a potent treatment for glaucoma or cancer, cannabis is a natural and safe way to heal. Today is Earth Day, a day when many parts of the world honor our one and only planet by planting more greenery, embracing recycling and trying to make the world a better place. Cannabis and nature go hand in hand, and that’s why there are plenty of ways you can celebrate Earth Day!

Dixie Brands, a well-known edibles company announced that it would be partnering with One Tree Planted on April 20 to both celebrate the cannabis plant as well the entire world. By doing so, Dixie Brands agreed to donate $1 to One Tree Planted for every product that is sold on that date. As the company name suggests, every dollar will contribute to one tree planted somewhere in the U.S.

Certain businesses are also hosting cleaning events to help beautify their local cities. Coffee Joint for example, a cannabis lounge in Denver, Colorado is promoting a cleanup day to rid the city of Denver from trash as a group on April 22. Other companies such as 22Red are not only releasing special new products (in this case, a hemp-derived CBD pen) but working with the Sierra Club as well. This partnership will yield 10 percent of all sales conducted on April 22 donated to the Sierra Club.

If you’re unsure of how else you can contribute or celebrate this unique holiday, keep it simple. Start at home with a fresh new patch of garden (either for cannabis, or for vegetables and other plants). Go to a local park or national park and volunteer to pick up trash. Choose to ride to work on a bike instead of driving a car. Whether you choose to go out on your own or seek out groups trying to do some good, every bit you contribute will help the Earth in one way or another.


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