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The Homey Hippies Beeswax Candle



Let’s bee honest (see what we did there?). At best, bees are a pest; at worst they will sting you even though they know it will kill them. Think about this next time you’re stung—you did something so offensive to a bee, that it decided death was preferable to letting it slide. Bees do however produce delicious honey as well as beeswax, a compound found to have numerous health benefits. Beeswax is a natural stress-reliever and when used in the making of candles, can produce a flame without the harmful soot that accompanies a traditional candle. The Homey Hippies’ beeswax candles also give off a subtle honey scent that won’t leave your home smelling like your clothes do after a long weekend at your in-laws. Sporting a wick that is made exclusively of hemp, this candle is the perfect office or home décor for any cannabis aficionado.

PRICE: $14.50


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