Holiday Gift Guide

alchemy-holidays-2Holiday Wellness Pack

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving. Dark Heart already has a smash hit on their hands with their Alchemy line of experience-based vape pens. For the holidays, they bundle up two sets in a commemorative decorative tin. Inside is the Alchemy line of aromatic and tasty cannabis oil cartridges. The full four-pack comes with four experiences: Relax (Indica), Awaken (Sativa), Explore (Hybrid) and Inspire (Hybrid). Awaken your holiday cheer with a sativa, mint and citrus blend. Explore holiday festivities with a hybrid, rose and jasmine blend. Relax with an indica, lavender and chamomile blend. Inspire your decorating with a hybrid, chai blend. Alchemy donates some of its proceeds to Friends Outside—helping children and families of those incarcerated during the holidays. All the flavors contain 30 percent THC, which is just the right amount to provide a controlled lift for seasonal cannabis users.

Price:  $70-170



foGrow For Vets USA

To honor, give thanks and give back to U.S. veterans, O.penVAPE has created a fund raising promotion with our partner Grow For Vets USA. We’ve designed two batteries, one customized with a camouflage design and the other an American flag.  Both will be sold online and in retail outlets across the country. For every battery sold, one dollar is being donated to Grow For Vets USA. The organization’s primary mission is to save the more than 50 veterans who die each day from suicide and prescription overdoses. Grow for Vets provides veteran heroes with a safe alternative to deadly prescription drugs. Helping wounded veterans to receive the respect and dignity of life that they deserve is a mission we are proud to be part of.

Price: $15.95



ftoker-poker-diagram-translucent-bckg-dark-textToker Poker

Get the hottest gift item of the season—the legendary Toker Poker! Finally your poker/dabber, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place. This 420 multi-tool has everything you need to vape, dab, roll and toke. Its ergonomic design provides the most basic but essential tools for any smoker. Glow in the dark, chrome and other limited editions are now available online. Sure to be a stocking stuffer hero! Use “CULTURETP16” at check out for 20 percent discount online at (offer expires 12/31/16)

Price: $7.95



fbv-dailybread_-_1__25706-1475004303-1280My Bud Vase “Daily Bread” Water Pipe

This beautifully crafted My Bud Vase is a water pipe fashioned from a traditional flower vase. Made from high-grade ceramic material, this delicate but lovely pipe has a large bubble chamber to help filter the incoming smoke and a wide mouthpiece that allows for a pleasant smoking experience. These vase-pipes are the perfect gift if you’re searching for both a high-quality bubbler that can double as a nice centerpiece for a kitchen table—and it’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Price: $119





Cannabis Leaf Track Jacketfcannabis-jacket

It’s time to help cannabis fashion transition from the stereotypical hippie-inspired garb to some new articles of clothing that are classy and trendy instead. Treat your cannabis-lover with a gift like this cannabis leaf track jacket. This particular jacket is made of thin spandex and meant for light weather, allowing the wearer to literally wear their love for cannabis on their sleeve. Your giftee can simply zip-up and head out into the world with confidence that cannabis is on the rise.

Price: $26.95



black-ops-listPLAZMATIC X

There’s no need to invest in old technology. If Apple can remove the decades-old headphone jack from their phones, then companies like Plazmatic can reinvent the lighter. The Plazmatic X isn’t called the “original dual beam lighter” for nothing. This unique gadget is eco-friendly, with its ability to recharge via USB, and it can work in any weather or condition—and also saves buyers a ton of money from buying old disposable lighters. This electric lighter offers 50-100 lights per charge, and it only takes 1-2 hours to complete a full charge cycle.


Price: $44



Ceramic Kitty Pipe

Handmade quality appeals to many different kinds of people, and when applied to the intimate act of enjoying cannabis, the appeal is massive. Ceramic artisan Katie Marks owns Silver Lining Ceramics @anotherseattleartist in Seattle, WA, and sells out every unique and creative pipe she makes within minutes. But she keeps ‘em coming! Her Kitty Pipes are gorgeous little pretty things that are easy to clean, store and use—and these unique little meowfaces are so cute. Get that special someone in your life an adorable Kitty Pipe to enjoy their favorite cannabis out of.

Price: $75-$100



fpax-era-2PAX Era

Give the gift of sleek design and effortless medicating with this cutting-edge vaporizer. PAX Era pocket-sized vaporizer is the slimmest, most portable vape to hit the market. You can consume cannabis discreetly and on-the-go with this innovative, light-weight device. Working exclusively with its PAX Era Pods, your vaping experience will surely be elevated to a personalized level. The PAX Era offers consistency and density with each inhale, thanks to its groundbreaking dual-end wicking feature. Tech-savvy individuals can even personalize their PAX device by downloading the PAX Vapor App to their smartphones. The device comes with a one-year warranty.




fgreen-wooden-dugout-with-one-hitter-batHandmade Lush Green 4” Wooden Dugout with One Hitter Bat

We all know that handmade gifts are the most meaningful. Does the same go for when you’re not the only one who actually crafts the gift by hand? Either way, this handmade lush green dugout makes an ideal gift for your friend who likes to take a couple hits of flower on-the-go. This gift will really score you a homerun in the friend department, as the dugout comes with a one-hatter bat made out of pure silica quartz, glass or metal for your choosing. Since each dugout is handmade, the patterns and colors for each piece will be a one-of-a-kind shade.




Tomahawk Glass Peace Pipeftomahawk-glass-peace-pipe

Another one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece, this Tomahawk Glass Peace Pipe is a generous gift of functional glass art that will dazzle even the pickiest of collectors. Made with borosilicate glass that has been sandblasted with linear and swirl patterns, this pipe is a unique piece of artistic expression. Adorned with feathers, bone beads and leather, one will surely find peace of mind and body upon putting this glorious pipe to use. Whether you choose to gift this to that special someone or simply gift it to yourself, the Tomahawk Glass Peace Pipe will be the shining star in any collection.



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