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High Altitude Hydration



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]R[/dropcap]esidents and visitors in Denver have a unique wellness option that alleviates the physical stress of high altitude living while giving your body an infusion of vitamins and ingredients fitting their needs. Hydrate IV Bar uses intravenous vein (IV) therapy to deliver hydration and vitamins in a spa-like, comfortable setting.

Katie Wafer, who owns Hydrate IV Bar along with co-owner Blake Whealy, had visited an IV bar in Las Vegas, Nevada and saw the perfect opportunity to promote wellness in a dehydrating high-altitude climate. “I was seeing all of these patients that were so ill and taking so many pills, and their quality of life was just not so great,” said Wafer, who has worked in medical sales and pain management. “We’re doing the same service as a hospital.”

Hydrate IV Bar uses the same equipment and safety policies as a hospital. The staff is made up of registered nurses and paramedics, and its medical director is a doctor who has been using IV therapy in her practice for 30 years. “I saw these types of clinics popping up in other cities, and Denver didn’t have anything like it,” Wafer said.

At the initial visit, new customers go through a consultation that includes discussing current medications, allergies, vitals and more to identify if they are a good candidate. The IV bar serves patrons ages 18 and over, but currently does not serve pregnant women.

“We really try to promote general health and wellness,” she said. “Of course we get altitude sickness, hangovers . . . we have cancer patients and a lot of people who are ill. But a majority of our clientele is doing this preventatively, regularly, for just a basic health regimen.”

Half of Hydration IV Bar’s business is from members with monthly memberships. The $125 monthly plan includes an IV treatment, a shot of B12 and a discount on other services.

“We have a lot of people who whether they are in pain or they’re not sleeping well, they have anxiety… a lot of them use medical cannabis.”

“Once a month is a really good regimen just to get your full hydration and a boost of all of your vitamins,” Wafer said. She continued to explain that the monthly package pair wells with clients who are using the treatment as part of their wellness care, or for anyone who is having health issues and uses alternative treatments, including cannabis.

“We have a lot of people who whether they are in pain or they’re not sleeping well, they have anxiety . . .

A lot of them use medical cannabis,” said Wafer, who mentioned they carry cannabidiol (CBD) products in their retail. “They like this because it’s an alternative therapy as well. They work really well hand-in-hand.”

Services offered by Hydrate IV promote general wellness or shorten the duration of illness. They have several defined options that are suited for treating colds and flu, jet lag, overindulgence, and treatments to help with aging and physical performance. Prices start at $69 for a basic IV bag and go up to $169 for an anti-aging mix. Other options include the “Meyers Cocktail” containing B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc. B12 shots can be added on or sold separately.

The treatments do not claim to cure illness, but instead alleviate symptoms and provide vitamins to help the body heal itself and shorten the duration. “The best is to come in at the very beginning, at the onset when you’re beginning to feel sick, and it’s just a super boost to the immune system,” Wafer said. “It’s helps your body fight whatever’s going on.”

Hydration IV Bar also puts a lot of attention into the customers’ comfort during the treatment, offering Wi-Fi, TV, blankets and lowering the temperature in the bar. “You can just sit back and relax,” she said, mentioning people are often surprised by how easy it is. “Our biggest hurdle is that people are nervous about needles, so we do our best do make them comfortable and to distract them.” Hydrate IV Bar also uses the smallest catheters possible and warms all the bags. “We’ve put a lot of attention into the small details to make it as easy as possible.”

Hydrate IV Bar does house calls for groups of five or more. Wafer mentioned, for instance, they have done bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding parties during the day of the wedding, in case someone had overindulged at the rehearsal dinner.

Hydrate IV Bar has three locations in the metro Denver area.

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