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Hepburn’s Jumbo





Available at Barbary Coast in San Francisco.

Get ready to up-size your notion of a pre-roll. Female-led San Francisco Bay Area collective Hepburns is blowing minds with their Jumbo pre-roll—featuring one gram of premium flower heavily fortified with cold water hash and rolled onto a glass mouthpiece tip for extra style points. Pre-rolls are a surging market because of their familiar form factor, ease of use, portability and potency. One Hepburns Jumbo can alter the course of an entire dinner party. Our sample Jumbo featured Obama OG fortified with Sour Diesel bubble hash to 10 percent of dry weight. Popping the classy cork top on the protective tube, we got sweet, lemony, piney OG Kush terpenes. A dry hit pointed to even more. The Hepburns Jumbo sparked up fast and evenly, and produced mouthfuls of flavor, with potent hybrid effects—good for a party of 10 patients.