Hemp Oil, CBD Coconut Hemp Oil and more—Your New Nutritious Partners



Perhaps more boldly so in recent years, the industry of hemp has experienced tremendous changes. Due to the rise in interest for alternative medicine and cannabinoid research, the Cannabis Sativa L. plant is currently gaining recognition the world over. So how can you experience the numerous health benefits it can bring? Health-focused audiences already know the answer to this question: Between hemp oil, seeds, and more complex products such as CBD coconut hemp oil, there is an increasing number of items that could contribute to making you healthier!

Add Hemp to Everything!

Unprocessed or lightly processed hemp products are first in line when it comes to being available in stores that are not necessarily focused on cannabis and/or hemp.

Shelled and whole hemp seeds are very popular, as well as hemp oil. Organic stores and online shops in particular have been stocking these products for years, as they represent amazing options for certain diets such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan ones. In addition to this, hemp’s superfood status makes it an amazing resource for anyone looking for a daily health boost.

For instance, 30ml of hemp oil provides the recommended daily amount of essential fatty acids, not to mention its anti-aging, hormone-balancing and anti-inflammatory properties. Both hemp oil and hemp seeds can be added to plenty of dishes such as salads, smoothies, yogurts or oatmeal—there are countless hassle-free ways of inserting hemp in your diet, to say the least.

One of the Best Proteins

Unsurprisingly, fitness-centred shops have also jumped aboard the hemp train.

Active people looking to shed body fat while increasing their lean mass rely on what has become a staple to the fitness crowd—hemp protein shakes. Hemp protein is especially recommended due to its linolenic acid contents, as this omega-3 fatty acid helps prevent coronary heart disease.

In addition to this, hemp protein is high in fiber, thus naturally lowering blood pressure and reducing “bad” cholesterol, while raising “good” cholesterol.

Combining Hemp with CBD and Other Superfoods

Hemp oil has always had the distinct advantage of being almost completely THC-free, making it a trusted partner for those looking for non-psychoactive ways of benefiting from cannabinoids. In the same manner, the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) can help in your journey towards a healthier life.

CBD has been the focus of many medical endeavours in recent years. Its many advantages make it one of the most versatile and most precious cannabinoids currently being studied. For those not looking to alleviate symptoms of a specific ailment, CBD is also known to soothe, fight anxiety and generally boost the immune system.

This is why the hemp food industry has been creating a rising number of products combining CBD and other superfoods. Many exclusive, delicious products are now available on the market, such as CBD coconut hemp oil, a product fusing CBD-rich hemp oil and coconut oil, another superfood full of benefits for the human body.

Products such as Sensi Seeds’ CBD Hemp Coconut Oil are an excellent example of this new trend: coconut oil’s Lauric acid contents, once processed by the body, display antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal properties, adding even more value to the medicinally-gifted CBD.

Hempseed oil, hemp seeds, CBD capsules, CBD coconut hemp oil . . . these are only the beginning of a trend that may never go away—and why would it? Why deprive our world of such health advantages when they can seemingly be inserted into your daily routine?

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