Hemp History Week!

VoteHemp and the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) have declared May 17-23 the 1st Annual Hemp History Week. The grassroots movement is set on securing patriotic Americans in all 50 states to organize educational and media events in their hometowns. It’s not just about the freedom to light up and receive much-needed healthcare via nature’s perfect herb, but also to remind the masses that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp (and came up with some crazy-brilliant ideas about civil rights), and that our nation’s founding documents were written on that ultra-strength hemp paper. 

The goal is to get the feds off the farmers’ backs by making more historical documents and books about hemp cultivation available at your local library (data will be used to educate the public at events) and supporting hemp products already in production. Through VoteHemp’s massive letter-writing campaign, you can demand that President Obama revisit the DEA enforcement codes and finally overturn anti-hemp laws that have been on the books since 1970. Sign up at www.votehemp.com. (Stacy Davies)

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