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HD Fruity Flower Rosin





Available at 8th Wonder in Tacoma. 

The HD Fruity Flower Rosin was a complete delight. To start, the rosin comes in a cute little envelope with a PNW Native American design on the front, which is the logo for PNW Roots, the company responsible for this tasty treat. The package also contained vital info on the product, such as the facility and date tested, and of course the THC content, which is a whopping 71.80 percent. But it’s not the packaging that makes this rosin so wonderful! The product itself was some of the more malleable and nicely textured rosin I’ve come across. While some rosin can get spread so thin, and is textured so flakey that it’s hard to work with, and inevitably consume. But this rosin was perfect. It had an almost waxy texture that made it a breeze to use. As soon as you consume the rosin, which we did using a water pipe, you’ll see where it gets its name. Fruity, with a hint of pineapple, this rosin has a robust flavor undoubtedly chalk full of terpenes, which is frankly remarkable for rosin. This extract hits incredibly smooth. In fact it hits so smooth, it’s easy to not notice the size hit you’re taking, until the THC-laden smoke expands in your lungs. Once consumed, we felt the high-voltage impact of a strong extract. Though not completely incapacitating, this is certainly not the product you want to consume before any serious thinking or doing needs to happen.

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