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H2C 707 Cookies





Available at 707 Cookies in Vallejo.

CookieFam Gelato lovers, 707 Cookies in Vallejo has your back with a new batch of H2C 707 Cookies, or Bacio Gelato—a coveted phenotype from the world-class Cookies line. This creamy, grape soda-tasting indica hybrid tested at 28.6 percent THC and crushed nighttime stress, pain and insomnia. The product of Sunset Sherbert crossed to Thin Mint Cookies, our H2C 707 Cookies nugs were small but mighty, and deeply purple with fiery red pistils. The dense, thick nugs were expertly dried and cured and ground very indica, less about fuel and more about pepper. The rich, thick flavorful smoke proved mega-potent and one hit will be plenty for all but the most high-tolerance patients. Cookies-related genetics have won dozens of awards and climbing, having originally crossed an OG Kush pheno, a Purple and Durban Poison.

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