Gypsy Daydream by Downtown Cannabis Company Available at: Urban Bud Marijuana in Tacoma.

During February here in Washington, we might get a few warm-ish sunny days and even a glimpse of what might soon look like spring—and there is no better way to celebrate the longer days and warmer weather than with this sunny flower. Gypsy Daydream from Downtown Cannabis Company will make you feel warm and fuzzy even on the rainiest and grey days. The fragrance is absolutely delightful, like a bouquet of spring flowers next to sweet, freshly baked pie. The flower’s appearance is fluffy and airy, with long buds and a sticky texture, thanks to the thick layer of crystals, with lengthy orange hairs springing out from the leaves throughout. After using a water pipe to sample this flower, the CULTURE team noted that the flowery, sweet scent carried over into the flavor as well, though a bit more subtle and with a gas-flavored finish. Fast-acting and powerful, this flower brings the best of both worlds when it comes to the effects. This indica-dominant strain tested at 26.6 percent THC. Euphoric, yet possessing powerful de-stressing qualities, this bud is the perfect companion for a long walk on the beach or a cozy night at home.

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