Grape Cheese by Ketura Cannabis Company Available at: Northwest Cannabis Connection in Pullayup.

Nothing balances out a nice cheese plate like some tasty, refreshing grapes. So this flower is the perfect mix of salty, rich and sweet. The flower itself is quite the specimen. Dense yet nice and fluffy, the perfect texture for sampling. Extremely crystalline to the point of the leaf color being obscured, though it appeared to be a lovely shade if light, lime green. The fragrance is sweet and sharply sour, like a bite of sharp cheddar followed by a juicy red grape. A water pipe and flower vaporizer were used to sample this Grape Cheese, and the CULTURE team described a flavor just as potent as the fragrance, with the sweet flavor more forward, and the cheese flavor more of a finish. This hybrid’s effects seem to be indica-dominant, with an effect perfect for help with pain or anxiety relief.

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