Former NFL Player, Leonard Marshall, Becomes a Cannabis Entrepreneur and Advocate

football-78394_1280As traumatic sports injuries are no joke, it’s not surprising that many current and former professional athletes are starting to speak out against dangerous prescription drugs and for medicinal cannabis. Leonard Marshall is another former professional football player who is not only advocating for cannabis, but is also becoming an entrepreneur in the booming cannabis industry as well.

As a top linesman for the New York Giants for many years, Marshall is all too familiar with the physical trauma caused by playing in the National Football League (NFL). With cannabis use prohibited in the NFL, Marshall turned to opioids to help alleviate the physical pain he was subjected to. Unfortunately, like many Americans, Marshall became addicted to opiates while trying to combat his chronic pain. It wasn’t until after he retired from football that the miracles of cannabis came onto his radar.

Marshall told NY Daily News, “Within a few days of using [cannabis], I found some significant relief. My headaches are gone. I used to have a bunch of headaches in the course of a day . . . It’s very simple for me. Opioids have killed hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve never seen that plant kill anyone.” Marshall consumes non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) oil that he gets from Miracle Smoke in Miami, which alleviates the constant headaches Marshall would face, even when he was on prescription pills.

Going forward, Marshall will continue to advocate for cannabis and against pain killers. He would like to see the NFL not only remove cannabis from its list of banned substances, but he would also like to see the league fund research into how cannabis can aid against traumatic brain injuries. In addition to activism, Marshall plans to become and entrepreneur in the cannabis industry in New Jersey. He is a partner in the pharmacy chain, Home Towne Rx, which has big plans for cannabis in New Jersey once legalization comes to the state.

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