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Featured Advocate – Jonathan Colon




Interviewed: Jonathan Colon

Occupation: Budtender at Green Token Tacoma Cannabis

When and how did you become an advocate for cannabis?

When my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010-2011, I had decided to become her designated provider and caregiver. I wanted to help my mom get better, and I didn’t want her to go through this alone. When she was having rough days, I would go to the dispensary for her and that’s how I was introduced to cannabis products from Green Token’s owner, Waren Birahard and a volunteer Josh. Both were very instrumental in my quest to learn more about medical marijuana that I became a volunteer myself. I have gained so much knowledge through them and doing research on my own, that this has become my passion in life. I enjoy educating patients through my knowledge and experiences.

How has cannabis benefited your life?

Cannabis benefited me by helping my mom be in my life and [helping me to] help others. It also gave me a new appreciation in life. I love what I do, and I love helping others; it’s my purpose in life.

What’s your greatest achievement for the cannabis cause?

My greatest achievement was becoming a medical marijuana consultant and being a part of an industry that is growing and thriving with knowledge to pass on to everyone.

Who do you look up to or admire?

First person who comes to mind is my mom. Also, Bill Maher for his great political views on cannabis, Bob Marley for his views on healing properties for cannabis, and Bruce Lee for so many different views on being disciplined, being planted and rooted into his beliefs. Last, I admire my uncle for his strength.

If you could change one thing about the way cannabis is viewed and/or treated right now, what would it be?

To have cannabis legalized throughout all 50 states and worldwide and to have the knowledge passed on from the pioneers who started it, and I would also get rid of the stigma that comes with cannabis.

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