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Exotic Yuzu 2:1 CBD/THC Sour Gummies




What looks like a lemon, is sour like a lemon, but isn’t really a lemon at all? It’s a yuzu! A small grapefruit-like citrus fruit, the yuzu isn’t as well-known as its popular citrus cousins, mandarin oranges and lemons. However, that might change with the introduction of these deliciously sour edibles—Wana’s Exotic Yuzu 2:1 CBD/THC Sour Gummies. Just looking at these sour gummies made reviewers’ mouths salivate. Something about the sour crystals of sugar glistening atop these bright yellow treats brought huge grins to reviewers’ faces potent edible offerings that consumers everywhere are demanding. Made with all natural colors and flavors, these tart and citrusy gummies are infused with premium cannabis extract. Treat your taste buds while getting your daily dose of THC and CBD, courtesy of Wana.

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