Exodus Cheese by Mammoth Labs Available wherever: Mammoth Labs products are carried.

Mammoth Labs has once again made an extraordinary product with this Exodus Cheese wax. The amber color and thick, malleable texture of this wax are lovely to look at and indicative of its high-quality nature. The high levels of limonene and caryophyllene are evident in the strong fragrance, with notes of spicy clove, licorice and lime. Once the team sampled the wax using a water vaporizer, the notes of lime and a strong sweetness were much more pronounced in the flavor than in the scent. Hints of a blue cheese flavor were also evident. The effect from this concentrate was fast-acting, long-lasting and intense. At 70 percent total THC, this is a solid extract, but won’t completely knock you off your feet. Exodus Cheese is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with many traits from both. It made reviewers silly and happy while helping with deep relaxation as well. It is perfect for social occasions, with enough of an uplifting buzz to keep you from getting couch-lock.

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