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Busted! Drug War Survival Skills
Author: Chris Fabricant, Illustrator: Robert Crumb
Publisher: It Books

Busted! Drug War Survival Skills is for people who sel



Busted! Drug War Survival Skills

Author: Chris Fabricant, Illustrator: Robert Crumb

Publisher: It Books

Busted! Drug War Survival Skills is for people who sell or use cannabis and need legal information for the day law enforcement hits them with a flying tackle. Although marijuana prohibition is rapidly approaching death’s door, there are still plenty of folks who will threaten your freedom when they find your stash. This book is just the guide to help you stay out of jail after the ensuing legal confrontation.

Written with equal parts humor and stone-cold truth, the book guides you through a number of plausible scenarios from the bust to jail to trial, communicating the information in a fundamental way that won’t make you feel like you dropped out of law school.

Additional details make the guide a must-have for the casual consumer, including protecting your privacy on the Internet and a detailed, 50-state description of laws for cannabis, LSD, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs.

Busted! Drug War Survival Skills is an entertaining read that gives you the facts that could make the difference between a slap on the wrist or a decade behind bars. (Jasen T. Davis)


The Big Book of Buds series

Author: Ed Rosenthal

Publisher: Quick American Archives

With the marijuana market exploding like a microwaved hot dog on the Fourth of July, it can be rather difficult for the discriminating cannabis connoisseur to decide what’s funk and what’s junk. Celebrated horticulturist Ed Rosenthal has cornered the proverbial market with his essential guides, and his Big Book of Buds series—volumes 1 through 3—features delicious descriptions and informative essays to fill you in on what goes into making your favorite marijuana so fine.

Rosenthal is respected across the planet as a leading expert in marijuana and the social, political and legal phenomena surrounding the plant. Each volume contains detailed insight that will help the average user become a capable expert on the subject; together, the Big Book of Buds series has become an industry standard.

The books are more than just essential references for any library. A lot of love and care went into each of the detailed photos in the series. This makes them art pieces unto themselves, suitable for bathroom reading or as conversation pieces on any enlightened user’s coffee table. The visuals are aesthetically satisfying, but the words in The Big Book of Buds will nourish your mind. (Jasen T. Davis)


High Society: A Potboiler

Written and directed by Kristian Davies

Produced by Eric David

Starring Erik Davies, Peter Alton, Stephanie Ann Davies, Jeremiah Bitsui, Tiffany Michael and Miller Daurey

The trailer for High Society: A Pot Boiler asks the burning question: “With buds like these, who needs friends?” After watching the film’s main characters in action, you’ll have a line of your own: “With friends like these, you’re going to need a lot of bud.”

Written and directed by award-winning author Kristian Davies, High Society: A Pot Boiler is a stoner comedy about, well, stoners. The film takes place entirely at the apartment shared by Trajan, Gavin and Yakob, three young men who love insulting each other almost as much as they love their cannabis.

The story follows the trio through a long night of self-exploration. Along the way, they inhale mass quantities, vie for the attention of two beautiful women and try to rid themselves of an unwanted visitor. The women—sexy brunette Sophie and Svetlana, a blond Russian model—begin the night incredulously observing the men, before ultimately discovering hidden charms amid bong tokes.

The humor and dialogue are rapid-fire and float around the room like smoke, drifting between clever and cliché, vulgar and absurd, sophomoric and obscure. In the end, High Society puffs out more laughs than duds, and more buds than anything else. (Greg Aragon)

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