Edible Dosing and Portion Control

Dosing 20mg

-Whatever the milligram dosage, make sure to do the math and calculate how many doses are in the edible as a whole. One dose should be 3-5mg, depending on tolerance and medical need.


-Breaking it up equally in the right doses is important. If you’re a newbie or are unsure what dose you should start with, always err on the side of caution, and start small. Put the pieces away somewhere out of reach of others, and save the rest for later.


-Seasoned cannasseurs may start with a 5mg dose. But make sure to piece out your doses with precision, and put away the rest. Wait at least 90-120 minutes for effects to kick in, before you assess if you need more.


-This is the safe first dose amount. Start small. You can always eat more later if you need to. Always wait at least 90-120 minutes for effects to kick in.

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