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The first inhalation of Pure One’s latest hybrid cartridge had reviewers singing, “Around your partner do-si-do. Around your partner, here we go.” Filled with 100 percent organic and solvent-free cannabis oil, this hybrid strain Do-Si-Dos provided a perfectly balanced effect with enough energy to do a little square dancing, without any racy or anxious feelings. The natural terpenes in this cart were delicious, allowing for an elevated taste that was still true to cannabis. The buttery smooth inhale was followed by a sweet and spicy nutmeg flavor that was reminiscent of carrot cake. The ceramic coil cartridge ensured that every drag was fresh and flavorful, without overheating or burning the oil. Testing at 85.59 percent THC, 0.17 percent CBD and 0.31 percent CBN, Pure One’s Do-Si-Dos is a cartridge you should handle with care. A couple rips should be more than sufficient for even experienced cannabis consumers.

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