Dipper Vaporizer

Meet the Dipper Vaporizer—one of the most functional and unique vapes on the market. The Dipper Vaporizer by Dipstick Vapes is a sleek and versatile wax pen that provides two ways to smoke or vaporize. One way is with the Vapor Tip Atomizer, and the other is with the Quartz Crystal Atomizer. The Vapor Tip Atomizer actually allows you to dip the atomizer end of the vape into your favorite concentrate to produce a clean hit through the mouthpiece on the other end, similar to a straw. The Quartz Crystal Atomizer is more traditional; it goes in the chamber of the vape and can be loaded up with concentrates directly. Either way that you choose consume your concentrates, you’ll love this state-of-the-art vaporizer.

Price: $149.99
Website: dipstickvapes.com

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