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Diamond OG



Conventional gender stereotypes would have you believe that every woman wants a diamond, but they were a couple of letters off. All women . . . and men want Diamond OG. The trichome-covered nugs of this strain shimmer with the sheer brilliance of a diamond. A skunky, kushy smell permeated through the air the moment we popped open the canister of Diamond OG. The scent is a dead giveaway—so store it in an odor-proof container when traveling. Some consider Diamond OG a true indica, although its lineage is not widely agreed upon. Diamond OG is known for its long-lasting effects that put you in a state of lazy bliss. Consumers will feel the effects of this strain from head to toe, and it’s best consumed on a rainy Sunday or a lazy day off. Consumers have noted that Diamond OG provides relief for those who are diagnosed with autism. Diamond OG is also is effective for treating muscle spasms with its subtle muscle-relaxing qualities. The best part is that you won’t break to bank to enjoy this exquisite diamond.

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