Cypher Extracts Blueberry Kush Recline Cartridge

Available at Green Door in San Francisco. 

Cypher Extracts ought to call this cartridge dynamite because there is so much bang in this small package. Being real though, “Recline” is a more than fitting name as that is what consumers will be feeling ready to do after a few drags. Vivacious blueberry scents and flavors seep out of the rich vapors produced from this extract. Cypher Extracts prides itself on creating a product that is high in flavor and potency, and the Blueberry Kush extract finds a beautiful balance between the two. A surreal blueberry flavor is tasted within the first second of breathing in, and a noticeable feeling of relaxation is realized shortly after, thanks to the 80 percent minimum THC content. A chrome mouthpiece that matches the chrome battery allows consumers to look slick while enjoying some serious terps. Green Door SF has the best deal on these cartridges and combo packs along with plenty of other choice flavors.

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