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CULTURE’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]A[/dropcap]re you stuck on picking out quality gifts for your cannabis-friendly family and friends? Making those decisions isn’t easy on your own. Another year means another busy shopping season. Here’s CULTURE’s comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide—which will help you find exactly what you need for the holidays.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH: This powerful hourglass-shaped device takes cannabis consumption to the next level.

Peppermint Latte Bath Bombs: The limited edition Peppermint Latte Bath Bombs by Kush Queen only come around during the holiday season.

Ember® Ceramic MugFor those on your holiday shopping list who are tired of hot drinks getting too cold, Ember® is the new way to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for long periods of time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatch: Give the gift of never being offline or disconnected from the internet again—no matter where you are.

Sorry! Not Sorry! Adult Party Board Game: Everyone’s childhood favorite board game, Sorry! just got a lot more intimate for you and your adult friends.

Nest Cam: Give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind and security this holiday season with the Nest Cam.

PlayStation Classic: Offering hundreds of hours of entertainment, the PlayStation Classic will delight both nostalgic gamers and newcomers alike.

Tetra Starter Kit: The Tetra Starter Kit comes in a modern, retro-styled mirrored box that is handmade in India.

CBx Essentials Intensive Salve: Based on the award-winning CBx Sciences line, CBx Essentials products contain all the benefits, with zero THC, so they can be shipped to anyone, nationwide.

Uncle Bud’s Hemp products: The company’s pain relief, skin care and personal care products utilize vitamins and antioxidant-rich Hemp Oil—a natural remedy to relieve arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain and other aches and skin conditions that affect millions of people worldwide.

Eyce Spoon: The patented Eyce Spoon pipe has been a popular product for two years running.

Kannastör® GR8TR® V2 Jar Body: The Kannastör® GR8TR® V2 stands out above all other grinders.

RYOT® Sifter Boxes: RYOT® Sifter Boxes are known both for their quality and for being constructed with high quality wood.

Genius Mini: With the Genius Mini’s incredible Genius Taster attachment, you can dab on-the-go and still experience all the benefits that the technology offers for flower.

SYNERGY Relief Balm: Infused with THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio, SYNERGY Relief Balm delivers harmonious health benefits—so you can work hard and recover faster.

MINDSET Hybrid Vape Cartridge: 500mg MINDSET Hybrid Vape Cartridges are available with oil made from premium hybrid strains.


Tropic Twist Gummies: These fruity, delicious, indica-dominant gummies are guaranteed to relax your mind and whisk you away from wintry nights to sunny Caribbean shores.

TOKER POKER®: Your stocking stuffer search ends here! Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are in one, tidy place.

The Axe Hat by Chiefton Supply Co.:  The game changer with this piece is the small tab on the right side panel appropriately called the “Joint Caddy.”

Baba G’s DIY Candy Kit: Choose your own adventure with Baba G’s DIY Candy Kit! With this kit you can easily create edibles crafted to your potency preference. Use coupon code “Santababa” for 10 percent off your purchase.

Bhang Ice Chocolate: Treat yourself to holiday cheer with Bhang Ice Chocolate, an offering of milk chocolate paired with refreshing mint flavor that is derived from natural peppermint oils.

Huni Badger® Vertical Vaporizer Kit: For $189, you can skip the torch and get a Huni Badger®, the premium vertical dab rig with a full ceramic heating tip.

Biovelle CBD Coconut Oil: Give the gift of all of the health benefits of coconut oil combined with the therapeutic value of CBD.

Kush Cola: Introducing Michigan’s own Kush Cola. At 100mg per bottle, this delicious beverage is available in seven flavors such as Kush Cola, Lemon Haze, Agent Orange, Purple Haze and more.

Pressies: Everyone knows someone who could use a little more sleep, energy or even a bit more focus.

WILLIE’S RESERVE™ Multipack Tin – High Five Pack: Willie’s Reserve™ High Five Pack contains five whole-flower half-gram joints.

The Pat Pen – 500mg Adjustable Airflow Cartridge: The experts at The Pat Pen don’t believe in cutting their oil with any fillers or flavors. Instead they only use the purest oil in all their products.

The Symphony Collection – Bath Bombs: Coda Signature’s Balance Formula harmonizes patchouli with rose geranium and lavender.

The Crescendo Collection: Coda Signature’s Crescendo Collection is an impressive last-minute stocking stuffer for your favorite foodie.

CBx Sciences Gems: Gems are small pharmaceutical-grade lozenges made from natural ingredients with a refreshing light flavor.

Snowcap by Silver Stem: Silver Stem’s Snowcap is a fan favorite and for good reason!

AirFreshy: Give the gift of delightful scents with the AirFreshy, a cannabis scented air freshener.

Blue Kudu BonBons: BlueKudu’s dark chocolate bonbons are filled with a creamy vanilla bean caramel, and milk chocolate bonbons are filled with a smooth peanut butter filling.


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