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Sumo Omni Beanbag Chairs
For those of you old enough to recall, let’s be honest:  The problem with those old beanbag chairs of the ‘70s wasn’t re




Sumo Omni Beanbag Chairs

For those of you old enough to recall, let’s be honest:  The problem with those old beanbag chairs of the ‘70s wasn’t really that they were difficult to get in and out of—that was part of the fun. The problem was that they were made of cheap polyester that ripped open two weeks after purchase, spilling tiny white-foam beads that clung to everything, but especially your brand-new bellbottom corduroy pants. Times have changed. No one wears bellbottom corduroy pants anymore, and Omni beanbag chairs are made of rip-proof nylon that keeps those tiny white-foam beads where they belong—inside the beanbag.

The chairs come in 10 bold colors (including our favorite, fire-red), are easy to clean and—at about $149 each—are much cheaper than competing beanbag chairs. They’re also every bit as super-comfy as they look. Sumo has a full line of durable, eye-catching beanbag chairs and couches—check them all out at


Raydiator Pipes by Mori Design

If Detroit could just harness the creative energy in the pipe-design industry, we’d all be flying around in jet cars. Case in point: The Raydiator—an air-cooled, titanium-plated piece of compact ingenuity with twin glass rods that reduces smoke heat by as much as 30 percent. If the description alone doesn’t grab you, how about this:  It comes neatly disassembled in a tube!

Billed as the perfect accoutrement for “active smokers,” the Raydiator is easily concealed and features a titanium lid that swivels to let just the right amount of air into the bowl or to seal it completely. Sparking up in the middle of a snowstorm has never been easier. Another unique feature is the draw chamber—a single tubular compartment that’s easily cleaned with a stainless-steel rod (included). You can find the Raydiator online and at better smoke shops, where it retails for about $55.


Forbidden Leaf Hempseed Lotions, Massage Oils and Soaps

We happened upon Forbidden Leaf Lotion & Soap Co.’s line of hempseed oil-based body-care products at the 2010 THC Expose, and feel all the better, cleaner and more moisturized for the experience. Forbidden Leaf’s products are all rich in natural oils and herbs—all have sweet cannabis sativa (in the form of pure hempseed oil) as a primary ingredient.

Try a few drops of the unscented massage oil ($7 for a 2-ounce bottle) in combination with the moisturizing body lotion ($5 for a 2-ounce bottle, or $10 for 4 ounces). By far our favorite Forbidden Leaf item is the homemade glycerin soap, a restorative round bar of hempseed, olive, palm and other oils that produces a rich, creamy lather and moisturizes rather than dries the skin. Scented with rose, mango, jasmine and other essences and hand-stamped with the distinctive cannabis leaf brand, the soap is the company’s most popular item and retails for $5 a bar. Forbidden Leaf products are available at


The Vape-Pen

Designed exclusively for atomizing non-tobacco herbal extracts, the Vape-Pen by the Vapor Research Directorate may well be the easiest portable vaporizer ever devised. Just pull it open, add a couple or three drops of Liquid Herb and inhale. A flashing blue light at the end of the pen tells you when vapor is drawing. We’ve seen ballpoint pens that were larger and more complicated than this baby.

Liquid Herb vials are available in several formulas, including “Alert” (for increasing mental dexterity), “Energy” (for extra zing to keep you on your toes) and “Chill” (for soothing the nerves). All are made from natural herbs and plants, like Echinacea, mint and Indian frankincense, and all are blended with propylene glycol—an organic compound that breaks down to water and CO? when heated.

The Vape-Pen and Liquid Herb vials are available at quality smoke shops and online at A complete Vape-Pen kit (including pen, AC charger, spare battery, four tips and an empty cartridge) costs $120.