Cookies ‘N Creme

Available at Cookie Co. 415 in San Francisco.

Cookie Co. 415 has by far the largest menu of sweet buds that hail from the Girl Scout Cookies strain in the Bay Area, and the Cookies ‘N Creme offering is one of the company’s best. Scrumptious scents just like the smell of a freshly baked sugar cookie are complemented by a sweet and creamy aftertaste. The crispy nug structure of this strain shows how perfectly dried and cured this strain is. Notable for its sedative effects, Cookies ‘N Creme is best used at night, as it certainly packs a punch straight from the sandman. Muscle pain and insomnia are two ailments that just drift away when enjoying this powerful strain. This is not a bud that should be passed up for those looking for the classic couch-lock experience. Cookie Co. 415 in San Francisco is the spot for this top-of-the-line cookie.

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