Company Launches Hemp-Infused Rum

A British company is taking note from trends in the U.S. and infusing alcoholic drinks with hemp. Dead Man’s Fingers, the makers of fine spiced rum and other drinks, recently announced its launch of Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum.

The company prides itself on making original rum blends such as Coffee Rum, Coconut Rum and Spiced Rum. The brewers utilize unusual ingredients in the process such as raisins, oranges, hops and pine. The rum is bottled at 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). The robust alcohol content and cannabis-like flavor, the company hopes, is a winning combination.

“As a brand, Dead Man’s Fingers has always been about challenging category norms and innovating,” said Lucy Cottrell, brand manager for Dead Man’s Fingers.  “Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum is an exceptional spirit that pushes the boundaries where others haven’t dared and fulfills rum drinkers very clear expectations for something more exciting and experimental. With this launch Dead Man’s Fingers will bring fun back to a category which has become stale in recent years.”

Based out of St. Ives, Cornwall in the United Kingdom, Dead Man’s Fingers was created to offer rum with a little zest. It’s also home to The Rum and Crab Shack, where the rum company concept was conceived. Crab gills are nicknamed “dead man’s fingers,” and eating them is considered bad luck according to legend. According to Cottrell, spiced and flavored rum is the fastest-growing sub-category of rum, and it’s almost solely driven by young adult consumers. Fans of drinks like Captain Morgan Spiced Rum or Sailor Jerry should take note.

The product launch is being fueled by a £2 million marketing campaign, and the rum offering will be packaged in a 70cl size with a recommended price of £2 ($2.49). Companies with similar ambitions in the U.S. have run into a few hurdles. Last May, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ordered San Francisco-based Black Hammer Brewery to halt production of its hemp-infused beer. Other beer companies have had different results. It’s unclear, however, how the Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum will be regulated in the U.K.

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