Coltyn Turner – Profile in Courage

Patient Name: Coltyn Turner

Age: 16

Condition/Illness: Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus

Using medical cannabis since: 2014

Why did you start using cannabis?

It was a last resort. I was really sick and the westernized medications were only making things worse.

Did you try other methods or treatments before cannabis?

Yes! I sat in a chemo room for eight hours at a time getting IV infusions. I took shots every two weeks, and I’ve swallowed more pills than any 11-year-old should ever have to.

What’s the most important issue or problem facing medical cannabis patients?

There are so many issues and problems that cannabis patients have to deal with. I would have to pick access. There are so many people across the world that are sick and cannabis could help them, but they can’t get it.

What do you say to the folks that are skeptical about cannabis as medicine?

I’d show them my “before” and “after” colonoscopies! I really haven’t been confronted with skepticism though.

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