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Alpine Infusions

Since 2012, Alpine Infusions has handcrafted each one of the company’s delicious edibles from original recipes. With the exception of Alpine Infusions’ Terrapin Turtle Bites (an eight-pack of 10mg caramels), all of the company’s products are available in single-serving doses, because the founders believe in setting people up for a manageable and pleasant experience. From novice to daily consumers, you can feel confident in Alpine Infusions’ edibles for a delicious and reliable cannabis solution. Alpine Infusions’ products are made with good old-fashioned cannabutter, and are infused with [organic soil]-grown trim. This means no solvents, and what the company consideres a clearer psychoactive effect. Products are hybrid infused, and can offer a range of benefits; whether you’re seeking pain relief, sleep aid, funnier times with friends, or a groovier music experience.

Based in Telluride, Alpine Infusions is made up of a group of passionate and driven men and women who find inspiration in the mountains on a daily basis, and they believe that cannabis can not only provide medical benefits, but can also enhance our interactions with our surroundings. From its packaging and ingredients to its product names, Alpine Infusions puts thought and consideration into everything the company sends your way.


Craft has been creating a premier concentrate since 2015 so when it comes to live resin nothing is taken more seriously than preserving terpene profiles, maintaining peak levels of THC and creating a final extract that is full cannabinoid goodness. We’re able to carefully select genetics, focus on high yielding strains and pick out plants known for their terpene and cannabinoid spectrums. Rest assured whether you’re buying PHO or Live Resin from Craft the final product will be true to its’ consistency, ultra rich in flavor, terpenes and is aimed to cure . At Craft we pride ourselves on being able to produce not only a premium product but also offering all our products at an affordable price point.


At DANK, you will find quality cannabis, affordable prices and knowledgeable staff. DANK is your Keeping Kind dispensary in Denver, which seeks to elevate, educate and celebrate all that is special about this plant. From farm to bowl, DANK hand-crafts more than 30 top-shelf strains. Its operation celebrates eight years of delivering safe, potent and consistent flower to people across the globe. As an early license holder, DANK places great importance on its responsibility to the public to be compliant in every way, running its operation professionally and with high standards. DANK grows the flowers it sells. Enjoy a wide selection of bud and endless choices of edibles, concentrates, drinks and topicals. Connoisseurs should look to the VIP shelf for high potency strains, cultivating five strains over 30 percent THC. Trust in DANK to be your one-stop-shop. First timers, regulars, members, and out-of-staters are welcomed like family and treated with the same kindness each and every visit. Like DANK on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp. Join the DANK tribe!

DRAGON Originals

In the early days for Colorado medical marijuana, a period sometimes referred to as the Wild West, Dragon Caviar was born. Small custom batches were sold door-to-door, to a limited number of medical dispensaries. Soon, there was a growing legion of Dragon Caviar fans. That was 2011, when Herbal Medical Institute created the original “Dragon” brands: Dragon Caviar – The original, and a Colorado favorite! Top-shelf, strain specific flower drenched in hash oil and topped with kief. One of the highest potencies on the market! Dragon Oils – Ethanol extracted, high THC potency oils, Gold, Black with CBD, RSO and Dragon Elixirs – Vitamin and mineral rich cocktails with the healing properties of THC and CBD in combination with mangosteen, goji berry, grape seed, and ionic minerals.

Dragon products quickly became patient favorites, and HMI quickly became a patient-friendly resource. DRAGON Original’s mission is to provide premium quality cannabis products at a fair price for both recreational cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients. Today, HMI/DRAGON Originals serves hundreds of medical and recreational dispensaries, which in turn provide Dragon products to thousands of people. DRAGON Original products are the real deal, hand-crafted with loving care, and unconditionally guaranteed.


Kaya began with three best friends from Boulder who shared a passion for their community, a taste for high quality cannabis, and a dream to run a dispensary that had high quality cannabis that was affordable for the company’s friends and family. Back then, the company was called “Southwest Alternative Care.” As time went on, the founders needed a name that fit a little better with who they were, so they settled on “Kaya.” First and foremost, it means “beautiful,” but it’s also Jamaican slang for marijuana.

Kaya is a a craft marijuana company—it grows all of its product in small batches, which are then personally hand-trimmed, and go through an extended cure. Kaya develops its own genetics and strives to create new and unique strains for every batch. Kaya’s leadership team includes a former eagle scout, a scientist, a former nonprofit director and a World Series Poker champ (well, second place). Colorado is Kaya’s home, and the team loves doing business here. Kaya will always remain a locally-owned and operated shop, because the staff enjoys meeting their customers and getting to know the community. In 2017, Kaya became the first cannabis company to let its customers choose a local nonprofit to contribute back to with every purchase they make.

Keef Brands

Founded in 2010 by brothers Erik and Kelly Knutson (founder & CEO of Isolate Extraction Systems, Inc.) along with a strong core team that has been with them from the beginning, Keef Brands has established itself as an industry leader in innovation and quality. The company’s story begins in Boulder, Colorado with the creation of one the first cannabis infused beverage lines—Keef Cola. Now in its eighth year of production—Keef Cola has become one of the best selling and most recognizable single serve infused edibles.

In 2012, Keef Brands launched OilStix Technology. The goal is simple—the purest and cleanest cannabis extract paired with the best available personal vaporization technology. Starting with only the highest quality strain specific cannabis—OilStix Technology offers both pre-filled cartridges and applicators. The year 2017 marked yet another milestone for Keef Brands with the introduction of Keef Sparking—the world’s first zero calorie cannabis infused sparkling water. With zero sugar and natural flavor, Keef Sparking aims to be the perfect option for those seeking alternatives to social alcohol consumption. Staying true to its goal of continued innovation—Keef Brands will be launching yet another revolutionary beverage in the next few months called Keef Life.


Established in 2011, Lightshade is one of the most reputable, high-quality cannabis dispensaries in Denver, serving medical and adult customers at seven locations in the Denver metro area, including Aurora and Lakewood. Lightshade also grows over 20 different strains of high-quality flower in state-of-the-art cultivation facilities. Lightshade also focuses on corporate social responsibility. A part of the company’s CSR initiative is to remain active in the community through volunteering. Lightshade also contributed $10,000 and helped raise an additional $15,000 for The Gathering Place, which provides a sanctuary, meals, childcare and other valuable services for homeless women and children. Lightshade is not part of the homeless problem, but part of the solution.

Beyond community outreach, Lightshade’s passion for cannabis and its benefits comes from education. This helps them provide the best possible experience and products for their customers. Lightshade is currently the only dispensary in Colorado that hosts quarterly vendor nights as an opportunity for vendors and budtenders to connect and engage with one another. Lightshade’s multiple locations across Denver offer a huge selection of cannabis products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and merchandise. Visit Lightshade today to see why the difference is night and day.

Mary Jane Medicinals

“The proof is in the plant!” A natural and holistic approach to health and well-being has always been a passion of Dahlia Mertens, the founder of Mary Jane’s Medicinals. Back in 2009, Dahlia was working as a massage therapist in the idyllic mountain town of Telluride. She began infusing massage oil with cannabis and was amazed at the feedback she would get from her clients. They repeatedly reported back to her of chronic pain and health issues being alleviated or even healed with the use of her oil. The topical application of cannabis was little known at the time, so she hit the road and started knocking on dispensary doors to get the good word out! Eight years later her products are now found in over 350 stores across Colorado, and are helping many people to deal with their pain and health issues in a natural, gentle and effective way. “It is very exciting and rewarding sharing this information with people. This plant based medicine should be available to all who can use it.”

Mary’s Nutritionals

Mary’s believes that the best path to a full and active life starts with an open mind. While our bodies have a natural tendency to repair and restore, there are opportunities to be more proactive in building wellness into your daily routine. Grounded in cutting-edge science and rooted in century-old medicinal knowledge, Mary’s products bring together the best of modern technology with natural components to offer high quality, accurately dosed alternatives for proactive support. Simply put, Mary’s is transforming how people view and utilize hemp. This company is developing products that provide everyday delivery methods to meet the needs of a wide variety of people.

Pulling together a team of chemists, botanists and nutritionists, Mary’s has created an unrivaled line of products designed to provide an effective alternative for health and wellness. Every batch of product is sourced from U.S. growers and laboratory tested for quality, accuracy and consistency. Building a strong national reputation as an industry leader requires unparalleled commitment and passion. Customer needs and inspiring patient testimonials drive new product development as part of Mary’s ultimate mission to offer products that change people’s lives.


“It’s What’s Inside That Counts.” O.penVAPE is on a mission to normalize and change perceptions of cannabis by providing premium CO2 extracted vaporizers, made for your everyday life. Started in 2012, O.penVAPE just may be responsible for the popularization of the cannabis vaporizer and can be recognized by its signature sleek, discreet and convenient form factor. The O.penVAPE brand offers something for everyone—from the novice to the cannaseur looking for same-strain, same-batch cannabis terpenes. Each of our pre-filled cartridges are made in small batches, strain-specific and backed by our “Friend for Life” Lifetime Warranty.

Quality Choice

Quality Choice was born from a life-long passion to provide the people of Colorado with the highest quality cannabis available. The company was established during the summer of 2009 and became the 63rd medical dispensary in the state of Colorado. In addition to its current location on Boulder Street in Colorado Springs, Quality Choice is opening a second Springs location on Academy and Constitution this fall. As a family owned and operated facility, Quality Choice started off down a long, slow road with a dream, approximately five employees and one small grow. Quality Choice now employs over 20 budtenders, cultivators and supervisors, has two storefronts and operates five grows—the largest being 52,500 square feet.

Quality Choice’s in-house flower has been so popular, the demand was becoming overwhelming, and the company could not keep up. In order to fix this issue, Quality Choice drastically expanded its grow operations from approximately 10,000 square feet to nearly 100,000 square feet, and they’re not stopping there! Quality Choice is also expanding into the recreational side of things.

Both of the company’s storefronts boast beautiful, highly sought-after flower, potent extracts processed by the most reputable companies, and a variety of delicious edibles, fast-acting topicals, tinctures and other products for your every need.

Smokin Gun Apothecary

The Smokin Gun Apothecary promotes the end of prohibition worldwide. This company wants to inspire consumers in the hopes they will develop a voice, speak out against oppressive drug laws, put a stop to prohibition entirely and push to regain our country’s liberty. The culture, design, aesthetic and a comfortable shopping experience of Smokin Gun Apothecary cannot be found elsewhere. Anyone who visits the Smokin Gun will immediately notice it is truly a one-of-a-kind dispensary. It is the only dispensary that is also a “Drug War” museum. Customers can walk through the speakeasy-styled hidden doorway, back in time to 1870, five years before the first drug laws were passed and the dawn of prohibition began. Customers can pick out their pre-rolled joints inside “The Joint.” The mural behind the counter is a tribute to the major players involved in the “War on Drugs.” There is so much competition in the Colorado market. It’s not hard to get lost in this sea of dispensaries, so Smokin Gun Apothecary strives to stay ahead of the curve by using an ever-evolving comprehensive marketing mix.

Healing Canna

Healing Canna was established in 2009. The dispensary opened with the intent to revolutionize the cannabis industry, with an emphasis on quality and professionalism. Over the past eight years, Healing Canna has made it their mission to provide an exceptional and complete patient experience. Healing Canna’s quality to cost ratio is among the best in the industry! The dispensary features a patient viewable grow-room which offers a truly breathtaking and unique inside view of its ladies in bloom. Its medicine is thoughtfully cultivated without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. The team also carefully hand trims and cures their product for optimal results. Only house-grown flower populates the shelves at Healing Canna, alongside a wide array of concentrates extracted from the same quality medicine. This dispensary also offers the largest variety of CBD products in town, some of which are entirely THC removed. Third-party concentrates, edibles, drinks, tinctures and topical assortments are also available. For clean, quality medicine without the hefty price tag, check out Healing Canna, which is conveniently located in the heart of Colorado Springs, and is easily accessible from North Academy or Platte Avenue.

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