Citrus Kush Klear Kart Available wherever: Tree Base products are carried.

Let’s talk about purity you can see. Always lab-tested and virtually odorless, the Citrus Kush Klear Kart by Tree Base also presents one the most potent offerings of crystal clear cannabis oil. Ringing in with 83.1 percent THC in 500mg of pure oil, prepare yourself accordingly for this heaver hitter. This indica-dominant hybrid provided a smooth draw on the inhale, only to have our legs quickly transform into strong tree roots, locking us down in a peaceful and euphoric state of relaxation. Reviewers reported intense appetite stimulation that onset 20 minutes after consumption. If you can overcome the relaxed effects, an all-you-can-eat buffet might be the ideal destination after consuming this Citrus Kush Klear Kart.

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