Cheech’s Private Stash Do Si Dos Available from: Deeply Rooted delivery service in San Diego.

Cheech’s Private Stash Do Si Dos absolutely lives up to its icon’s namesake. A family affair, each strain from Cheech’s Private Stash is personally selected by the famous cannabis enthusiast himself. His daughter is the company marketing manager, and his son serves as the director of operations. The company more than lives up to its motto “It will always be good” with its Do Si Dos strain. These dense nugs, mostly lime green in color with some very bright green leaves and accents of deep lavender throughout also sport tons of shiny trichomes and thick, dark orange pistils. The nose has a heavily sour aroma with some sweet, candy-like notes as well. There is also a slight citrus smell to it. The dominant flavors are fruity and sweet, with an excellent balance of earthiness and floral tastes. The hit is smooth and clean, yet still packs a punch without being harsh. This crop was clearly grown and cured very well. The effect is quickly calming, both physically and cerebrally, and provides a euphoric, giggly, relaxing, appetite-inducing effect.

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