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Cheeba Chews




Sativa and Indica Fruit Taffy by Cheeba Chews™ 

Available wherever Cheeba Chews™ products are carried.

Over the years, Cheeba Chews™ has proven itself to be a solid and consistent company in world of cannabis edibles. The classic Cheeba Chews™, a staple in this industry since the beginning, has a “sibling” and we were all excited to see the new product from this company. The Cheeba Chews™  Fruit Taffy we tried contained a strawberry flavor, which was pleasantly sweet. The childproof package comes with either 10 sativa or 10 indica taffy candies. Both the sativa and indica varitieties took about two hours to fully kick in. We had almost forgotten we consumed this treat, and then the sativa came in hot—feeling like a surge of caffeine rushing through our veins. The slight feelings of anxiousness did not overwhelm us, and we were able watch an entire movie without falling asleep! The next evening, we tested the indica version, which was true to form, with a heavy body effect and sleepy effect. Both varieties resulted in a great night’s sleep with no groggy feeling the next day. The ease and discreetness of using this product will have us coming back for more.


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