CBD Yummy by Oleum

Available wherever Oleum products are carried.

It’s flu season! It’s also arthritis flare-up, injure yourself snowboarding and slip on the sidewalk season. Lucky for us, our friends at Oleum have us covered! CBD Yummy is the perfect medicine for all of your seasonal ills. This cannabis-derived concentrate, boasts 75 percent CBD and five percent THC. We used a water pipe to consume this extract, and immediately noticed what an extraordinary product this was. A clean, smooth smoke clues you into what a highly refined and filtered product Oleum has created. The cherry cough syrup flavor that we all noted, is the result of naturally occurring terpenes. It’s not the smoothness, or incredible flavor that make this product so special however. It’s the effects from smoking this concentrate that make it unlike any other product on the market. The low THC high CBD concentrate gave us a body effect unlike any other. The team at Oleum described the high as “Liquid Space Blanket” and that is oddly the most accurate description we could think of as well. If you want to feel like you’re melting into a puddle of ecstatic goo, then this is the concentrate for you. It’s a must-try for those with daily pain issues as well.

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