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[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]C[/dropcap]olorado just welcomed a new nonprofit incubator group that is operating with the goal of connecting cannabis industry professionals to each other and its community through social responsibility and education. Denver-based nonprofit, Nuvolution, was recently provided with an event and incubation space in north Denver by the owner of a commercial property.

Created in 2017 by the founding members of Women Grow, Nuvolution was born to connect people in the industry and help to facilitate healthy conversation about cannabis and hemp. Because the plants are Schedule I substances, lack of federal funding and limits on marketing methods can be problematic. Once a nonprofit gets these basic needs taken care of, it can start to source skilled volunteers and connect with other professionals and activists. Anne Marie Doyle, co-founder of Nuvolution told CULTURE, “We aim to shine a spotlight on the organizations that support our communities. After all, we are better together.” Nuvolution believes that positive changes in the industry happen when organizations can strategize together.

“We aim to shine a spotlight on the organizations that support our communities. After all, we are better together.”


The nonprofit was recently offered a local rent-free community center, where they will hold meetings, discussions and events. “The grant for the community center was a wonderful surprise and has caused us to refine our focus. In truth, it is more of an expanded focus as we discover what is important to our community and include those who would like a seat at the table,” Doyle explained.

In refining the focus of Nuvolution, its organizers have started the process of curating a cannabis history museum. The exhibits and topics will cover Egyptian, Chinese, American and Colorado-based cannabis history and use. “The intention of the cannabis history museum décor is to provide basic community facing cannabis information to those visiting the community center,” said Doyle. Organizers hope to stimulate the conversation and education about the plant, including the history and legalization timeline of medical and recreational cannabis. Companies that have made an impact will also be featured. “There is quite a bit of information that we, within the industry, tend to share repeatedly and should be on the walls for all to experience,” Doyle explained of the museum’s vision.

Nuvolution is working with others locally to create displays and write dialogue for the educational topics, which will include an exhibit appropriate for grades K-12. For a state to have legal hemp and cannabis yet no real educational system is incomprehensible, she said. Nuvolution is welcoming participation from anyone in the community who would like to donate their time or items.

In addition to the cannabis history museum, Nuvolution is hosting “Lunch and Learns” the third Friday of every month highlighting topics important to the industry and its community. Yoga classes as well as cannabis and non-cannabis wellness events will be hosted at the community center.

Nonprofits have a limited marketing budget and Doyle said that Nuvolution is grateful for cannabis-friendly news sources that can share their story. “Many of our efforts combine with other nonprofits to magnify impact and awareness,” Doyle said. She went on to say that Nuvolution is not limited to cannabis-oriented nonprofits but that they also support all cannabis-friendly organizations and social enterprises. Nuvolution encourages all cannabis-related businesses to make social responsibility their goal.

Nuvolution’s voice acts as an advocate for the plant and its industry. It also is getting the conversation moving among businesses, patients, activists and government officials. Nuvolution’s services can help organizations find safe spaces to operate and sort through confusing laws, while educating the local community on the history and benefits of cannabis and hemp.

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