Cannabis-Infused January Recipes: Desserts

Now we’ve come to the final portion of our three-part series in January, ending with the best part of any meal—dessert. Now, there’s something to be said about dessert. It’s never actually meant to be healthy. Desserts are sweet, delectable, addicting and well, they make life worth living. And you know what? Everyone knows that in order to establish a healthy eating routine and diet, you have to allow yourself to splurge a little on cheat days. So whether you’re in the mood for a frosting-covered cinnamon roll, a baked cake, or traditional sweet potato pie, this is for you. You deserve it.


Walnut Cinnamon Rolls: Everything is better when it’s made from scratch, including this cannabis-infused cinnamon roll recipe. Make your own dough, cinnamon filling and glaze for a quick jump to flavor town—courtesy of one of CULTURE’s guest writers, Keira Fae.

Baked Chinese New Year Cake: What do you get when you add coconut to a standard white cake? A delicious, celebratory Chinese cake. End the Chinese New Year with this necessity, known in Chinese as nian gao, which means “higher year.” If you eat a piece, it is said to give you luck!

Sweet Potato Pie: CULTURE really likes sweet potato pie. Across the years, variations of this kind of pie have been covered more than once. Plain and simple, it’s one of the best pies out there.


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