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Cannabis Company Release Cannabis Packaging Made From Reclaimed Ocean Plastic



Sana Packaging, well-known for its efforts in creating sustainable packaging, has announced its newest creation—one of the cannabis industry’s first jars created from reclaimed ocean plastic.

Sana Packaging CEO and Co-founder Ron Basak-Smith was excited to announce the launch of the Sana Ocean Jar 4. “It’s our first 100% reclaimed ocean plastic jar and the first jar we’re producing in-house. And while the Sana Ocean Jar 4 was designed to be used in conjunction with the Sana Ocean Screw-Top Lid, it’s compatible with all 53-400 closures,” he said in a press release.

Made in the USA, the Sana Ocean Jar 4 is child-resistant, number 2 recyclable and can be used for a number of cannabis products. It fits four ounces in volume, or about seven grams of flower, but can be used to store edibles and topicals as well. Of course, the company is offering this as an environment-friendly solution to regular glass jars and other traditional plastic packaging that the industry is known for.

Previously, Sana Packaging has offered packaging solutions in the form of 100 percent plant-based hemp plastic that is chemical-free. Its hardy and versatile, and thanks to the rapid growth style of hemp plants, can be produced quickly to accommodate demand. “With the help of our incredible customers, Sana Packaging has already removed more than 58 tons (116,000 lbs) of plastic waste from our oceans. For reference, the average car weighs about 2 tons (4,000 lbs),” Basak-Smith continued. Sana Packaging aims to flip the script on the usual “take-make-dispose” model of containers that often leads to waste and pollution.

Many cannabis companies are seeking better ways to create sustainable packaging. Every effort to continue the trend of giving back to the community and ensuring that the cannabis community is lessening its carbon footprint is worth celebrating.

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