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Cannabis Brands Embrace Community Legacy with Focus on the Future



Just looking at the last several years—let alone the last two decades and beyond—it’s evident that the cannabis industry is one of constant innovation. Consumers are constantly confronted with new products, embracing the newest technologies and production techniques, though cannabis brands still face the challenge of stepping into this new era while being sure to maintain some of the original culture and ethos that today’s cannabis community is founded upon.

That said, among the many brand new brands and figures in the cannabis space, there are plenty of figures looking to maintain connections from the past and present, still ensuring to embrace the industry’s modern-day evolutions.

Forbes recently took a look at some of the big names, weaving elements of the West into products that hearken back to the legacy of the broader cannabis community and space.

Santa Cruz Shredder is one such brand, partnering with Frank White—owned by Biggie Smalls’ son Christopher “CJ” Wallace and fashion legends Willie Mack and Todd Russaw. The collaboration, marking the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, will culminate in the launch of a limited-edition capsule collection, featuring grinders and other accessories. The brands are seeking to fuse the legacies of hip-hop royalty and quality craftsmanship within the herb grinder game.

The initial collection features two different-sized, four-piece anodized aluminum grinders — among the largest in the market.

Mack, co-founder and CEO of Frank White, shared that the brand only works with the “best-in-class companies” who share the company vision and commitment to the “highest quality products.” Frank White has also advocated for destigmatization and equitable legalization of hemp and cannabis since 2020, with Wallace and Mack acting as instrumental players in jumpstarting New York’s growing legal recreational cannabis market.

The new collaboration aims to unite the visions of both companies, continuing to expand the narrative around hemp and cannabis usage.

Lion Order, created by Rohan Marley—son of the iconic reggae artist and cannabis advocate Bob Marley—is similarly embracing the old and new. The company has stepped into vaporizers, namely with its Model One 0.6g disposable vape complete with a number of industry-leading features that could work to redefine the perception of vapes as a whole.

The device features a ceramic heating element, USB Type-C recharging capability and four custom heat settings, promising optimal performance in a variety of weather conditions. The vape doesn’t have a center post airflow channel, instead using unique dual airflow channels and a “porthole” window for consumers to monitor concentrate levels.

“We are excited to launch Lion Order vapes in the Michigan market, bringing island vibes with three all-natural, tropical fruit flavors,” Marley told Forbes. “These proprietary disposables are rechargeable, loaded with cutting-edge vape technology and embody the ethos of the Lion Order brand.”

Finally, German company Storz & Bickel has been at the forefront of cannabis and vaporizer technology for decades now. As its latest move, the company has revealed the Venty, designed for dry herbs and featuring a combination of convection and conduction heaters to promote only the best flavor.

The Venty also includes features like adjustable airflow, temperature precision and the fastest heat-up time in the Storz & Bickel catalog. The device also offers smart connectivity through Bluetooth, along with a web app for further customization.

“The Venty marks a significant milestone in Storz & Bickel’s innovation journey… Featuring industry-leading technology, the Venty is set to revolutionize consumption,” said Jürgen Bickel, founder and managing director of Storz & Bickel.

It’s an exciting time for the growing industry, as we continue seeing progress in cannabis reform in the West and beyond alongside ever-evolving tech. And it goes without saying that this won’t be the last we see from these brands, along with the slew of other big names in the space constantly working to bring cannabis into the future.