CannaBasics: Cannabis Sex Products 101


It’s no secret that cannabis offers many benefits, especially when it comes to fooling around in the bedroom. A recent study event found that people who consume cannabis tend to have even more sex than those who don’t. It’s a natural aphrodisiac, and one that should be explored further on a personal level.

Consuming cannabis can allow the body to become more sensitive, allowing consumers to more easily become aroused and in turn, obtain pleasurable and sometimes heightened orgasms. Using cannabis oil in the vaginal region for instance is known to increase blood flow which stimulates arousal. Cannabis overall is useful when combating stress, and sex experts like Ashley Manta praise cannabis to allow consumers to let down their inhibitions, which can lead to more successful sexual experiences. “Stress is such an arousal killer and being able to take enough stress away that you can have a pleasurable experience, by yourself or with a partner, is one of the main benefits of cannabis, to get you out of your head and into your body.”

Cannabis can provide many health benefits for both men and women when it comes to sex, however, it’s important to note that everyone’s bodies are different. Effectiveness can vary greatly from one person to another, so it’s all about testing what your body responds to. Try out some of these popular cannabis products, made specifically for those who are looking to enhance their sexual experiences.

Foria: A few years ago, this was one of the first products to fully embrace cannabis’ ability to act as an aphrodisiac. Now, the company has devised two products to help enhance bedroom activity. Foria Awaken is made with a number of organic ingredients, such as Kava root, and oil made from Colorado-grown hemp. Foria Get Centered, on the other hand, employs a full spectrum-CBD oil that relieves stress and improves overall well-being.

Velvet Swing: With a balance of both THC and CBD, this cannabis-infused lubrication was designed by women who wanted to enhance orgasmic pleasure.

Sexxpot: As time goes on, more and more cannabis strains are being bred with specific effects in mind. Some aim to increase THC or CBD strength, but Sexxpot is one of very few strains that are bred for optimal sex. Estimated to contain 14 percent THC (enough to feel the effects but not too much to couch-lock, or bed-lock, the consumer), this strain is said to increase bodily sensitivity.

1906: There are many cannabis-infused chocolate companies out there, but only a few market themselves as an aphrodisiac. 1906 creates both a 5mg THC chocolate, as well as a 5mg CBD chocolates, to allow the human body to become more sensitive to arousal.

HighGasm: This unique cannabis product can help both men and women achieve powerful orgasms. The company currently makes three different lubricants: An original flavor, cock-o-nut, and blowberry, all of which comes with 25mg of “pure cannabis essence.”


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