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California Company Offers Jobs to Consumers with Pardoned Cannabis Convictions



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]V[/dropcap]arious cities are making decisions to pardon or expunge cannabis consumers, for there is a new and positive trend in the industry right now. Those who have permanent marks on their record due to a cannabis-related offense are finally able to clear their name of such judgements. Lowell Herb Co. recognizes that the next steps for these individuals in finding a job might be difficult, and it has taken action to help those in need.

Lowell Herb Co., which is well-known in California for its pre-rolls, has established a Social Equity and Reparative Justice Program to help give some unjustly convicted residents the chance to get a job. The program gives special consideration to non-violent cannabis offenders who were recently pardoned.

The company’s CEO, David Elias, is certain that many of these newly pardoned individuals would make the perfect team member if they are motivated. “We value hard work and dedication and we’re putting a strong emphasis on employing people negatively impacted by cannabis incarceration and those whose lives have been affected by cannabis convictions on their records,” he said.

Lowell Herb Co. didn’t just put up an ad on local job sites—it has paid for a billboard that will (located in Los Angeles, California, between the Men’s Central Jail and Twin Tower Correctional Facility). A Lowell Herb Co. press release also stated that job information is being advertised on TV, radio and online as well.

The list of jobs available includes package design, sales, marketing, distribution, shipping and customer service. Although most of the jobs are limited to Los Angeles, a few are located in the Bay Area, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and San Diego as well.

It’s always pleasant to see cannabis companies reaching out and being willing to help fellow advocates and consumers. Elias is excited to see who might apply now that cannabis expungement is becoming much more common. “It’s our priority to establish programs such as these to give motivated, bright individuals a second chance, and allow them to participate in this thriving industry,” he said.

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