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Bhang Dark Blueberry




One of the more popular products available at The Green Door SF is the Bhang Dark Blueberry chocolate bar, thanks to its next-level fruit flavor. This chocolate bar is literally SCREAMING with blueberry flavor and boy is it scrumptious. Compounded by the fact that this edible contains over 70 percent South American cocoa, there is literally nothing in the taste department that is being short-changed. This cannabis confection is vegan and is split into 10 individual servings with 10mg THC in each serving, which adds up to 100mg THC in the entire package. However, there are now mini packages available with one 10mg serving. What is important to note with the Bhang Dark Blueberry is the resealable hard plastic container that the chocolate comes in, allowing individuals to save portions for another time and/or not have to worry about the chocolate getting squished or melting in a pocket. Make sure to stop by The Green Door SF, and grab some of the Bhang Dark Blueberry chocolate before everyone else does!

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