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Ben Carson Claims He Would Reschedule Cannabis



Ben Carson

Photo credit: Michael Vadon

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson recently surprised America by showing support for medical cannabis. When hard-pressed by a mother of an epileptic patient about his stance on cannabis, Ben Carson voiced his support to reschedule cannabis under federal law for medical purposes. Unlike other presidential candidates, Carson has hands-on experience in pediatric medicine.

Roxanne Cogil’s daughter Rachel suffers from epilepsy. Rachel underwent a hemispherectomy, Carson’s own signature procedure, and it worked for some time. The seizures have returned, however, and Rachel relies on cannabis to relieve debilitating seizures. Cogil wants Rachel to have access to the cannabis oil that eases her seizures. Cogil, who is not a supporter of Carson, questioned his position on cannabis in the United States.

“Medical marijuana has proven its benefit and it should be rescheduled, there’s no question about that,” Carson told Cogil, “There’s a big difference between what she’s talking about and legalizing marijuana. I don’t want to do that.”

Cogil was not impressed. “He went right into war on drugs, but that had nothing to do with my question, and it has nothing to do with seeking medical treatment for my daughter,” she said.

When asked how he’d go about changing medical cannabis laws Carson said, “These are easy things, and it goes back to the whole concept of creating efficiency in government.”  Before then, Carson’s campaign had never officially addressed the topic of medical cannabis.

Ben Carson joins former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Florida Governor Jeb Bush who showed support for decriminalizing medical cannabis, but Bush believes it is a gateway drug. Carson still remains against recreational cannabis. Last year, Carson told Glenn Beck he would “intensify” the war on drugs. Carson’s position on cannabis has evolved due to mounting medical evidence. Though Carson’s support is nothing in comparison to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, he is one more candidate showing some support for our favorite plant, in hopes of legalization.

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