Au Gold Snow Cap Crumble

Available at The Crown Collective in Mira Loma.

As AU is the periodic chart symbol for gold, AU Gold Snow Cap Crumble can be read as Double Gold Snow Cap Crumble. Have no doubt that this legacy West Coast strain found at The Crown Collective in Mira Loma qualifies for the double gold category in both the potency of the strain and the crumble made from it. Professionally packaged in a clear hard protective plastic container, a bright bold label shouts that no butane was used in the concentration process and that there are no nasty residuals lurking about. The dark amber brown wax is thick with a pudgy consistency making it easy to manipulate with a nail. Inhalation will fast forward you into a graciously pleasant good mood—friendly, talkative, restorative. This is chilling wax, whether you’re by yourself or hanging out with friends.

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