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Ashley Manta’s New Book Explores the Benefits of CBD for Sex



Cannabis is useful for so many different things, there’s no way we could list all of them here! Out of its countless benefits and properties, one of the herb’s many popular uses is to enhance sexual intercourse. If this piques your interest, then you’re in luck because the self-proclaimed “CannaSexual,” Ashley Manta, is here to teach you everything you need to know about how cannabis can entice, boost and satisfy your bedroom cravings.

On September 22, Manta release her second book in a Merry Jane series, entitled The CBD Solution: Sex. Within its pages, her book is an all-encompassing guide on CBD and how it can be used in sexual exploration and overall wellness. “I’m so proud of the depth and breadth of the topics covered, the expert interviews, and the ability to focus on the things I’m most passionate about,” she told Merry Jane. “I loved reframing foreplay in the partnered sex chapter, I loved promoting masturbation in the solo sex chapter, and I loved getting geeky about CBD in the introductory chapter.”

Manta’s book is geared at answering questions, and debunking myths, that revolve around CBD use (both in general, and for use during sex). It offers a beautiful spread of psychedelic art and bold images to explain how CBD can increase pleasure, and how to harness its properties properly. Manta even provides DIY recipes on how to make your own lube at CBD-based lube and mocktails at home and includes suggestions for bedroom activities that can help fresh up the reader’s experiences in the bedroom. “I want you to know that this book is by no means exhaustive,” she continued. “It is a fabulous primer for the world of cannabis and sex, but it is intentionally short (only 208 pages!) to make it accessible to people who are new to CBD, and looking to expand and enhance their intimacy. I wanted to get people on the same page about consent, boundaries, communication, pleasure-based anatomy, and the science of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids as starting points for exploration. This book does all of that and more.”

Manta has been working for years as a sex counselor, guiding those who have previously experience sexual violence and teaching them how to once again enjoy intimacy and get the most out of their sexual experiences. In 2015, Manta began to learn how cannabis can help enhance the bedroom experience, and the rest was history.

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