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Arizona Democratic Party Supports state cannabis legalization



cannabis legalizationElections are rapidly approaching, and now is a crucial time when compiled endorsement lists begin to surface. The latest news of endorsements comes from the Arizona Democratic Party, which is one of many groups and individuals who have announce support for cannabis legalization in the state.

Late last week in front of the Arizona State Capital, those involved with the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol (Prop 205) announced many of the initiative’s political endorsements, the most interesting of which was the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP). In July, the ADP wasn’t quite ready to endorse the initiative even though it had adopted a pro-legalization platform at a convention in Philadelphia, according to the Phoenix New Times.

It wasn’t until Wednesday, October 5 that the state Democratic Party Chair Alexis Temron announced the party’s support in a statement: “The Arizona Democratic Party proudly supports Prop. 205,” Tameron said. “Regulating marijuana like alcohol will enhance public safety, promote social justice, and improve our education system by raising much-needed revenue for schools. These values are shared by Arizonans of all political persuasions, and it is my hope that they will vote ‘yes’ on Prop. 205.”

The list of other endorsements has plenty of contributors, including almost a dozen state legislators, two members of the Tucson City Council, two city council members from Tempe and one city council member from Maricopa. The list also includes many other facets of local groups like support from Las Adelitas Arizona, a Latina-focused community organization, La Paz County Republican Committee, Arizona Liberty Caucus, ACLU of Arizona, MomForce AZ, Arizona NORML, Drug Poly Alliance, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Marijuana Policy Project, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. For details on Prop 205 endorsements, check out the full list here.

Residents in Arizona have also stated their overall support of legalizing cannabis. A recent poll found that 50 percent of Arizonans plan to vote for cannabis in the upcoming election. If Prop 205 is approved by voters, it will allow anyone 21 and older to legally possess one ounce of cannabis, grow up to six plants at home (unless a landlord does not allow it) and are allowed to buy cannabis products at certain cannabis retail cannabis shops.

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